Interesting point.

Rock n roll has been going down hill since Buddy Holly died… sorry its a joke my partner says a lot.

I was born late 70’s. I love rock… i have to admit. I’m one of the oldies you are referring to. I still have vinyl, cd’s… the music sounds better when its played this way. The quality is still higher than the digital version. IT REALLY DOES SOUND BETTER! To me anyway.

Maybe its a comfort thing, the words I listened to growing up, have a different meaning to them now. They still have stuff to teach me.

This is not to say I don’t try to listen to new stuff. I do…it just grates on me….

But I do see your point.… to be honest, a lot of the new stuff grates on me. Eh I think…what is this crap. I sound like my mother. BUT I will put aside my judgement and give it another go… to save Rock.

Perhaps another pearl (yep reference to an amp here…pun) of wisdom here is to the new generation of rockers – they need to convince the younger generations to broaden their tastes instead of trying to convert a generation of oldies that are set in their ways.

Thanks for shining your light. Thanks for being you.

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