It gives me one too.

The only new thing I have bought in the last 2 years besides underwear was a good quality dress for my brother's wedding, which I have worn to several more formal occasions since.

I haven’t always been like this though. I admit I was caught up in buying clothes unconsciously, even though I hated shopping for them— a night out, a training gig at work, a party etc etc..all prompted a new outfit, in case someone had seen me in it before. Wasn’t my idea, I had absorbed it from my circle of friends and society unknowingly.

I did and still donate clothing that has life left in it. The pieces I wear out, go in my partner’s rag bin in his shed.

I still have some t-shirts that are 20 years old. Thankfully most of the time they fit me still… depending on what my weight is doing! I have minimised my wardrobe and it feels so very freeing.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom on the topic and giving me space to reflect. Sorry to hear that your mother’s business was one to suffer with the throw-away onslaught of “more” and never enough.

Thanks for being you.

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