It sure is.

This sounds a bit like how things finished up with me when I left a business relationship last year… after burning out from “life”.

It was heartbreaking. The communication from a colleague I had known for over 20 years just dried up.

The more I wanted him to respond to me, the angrier I got when he didn’t.

It took him almost 8 months to respond. About the time I was coming to terms with the fact he may never.

Finally when he did, he apologised. He said he was trying to process things himself and couldn’t face me.

While I understood, it still hurt. There was a level of money involved too. A shareholding I would have been unable to release without his support. I needed to completely let go because that was not who I was anymore… it was the only “tie” I saw.

Perhaps some part of me wasn’t ready to fully let go too.

It is like they say, you do kind of grief when you say goodbye to who you used to be.

So very freeing to give up the control though hey?!

Thanks for sharing your experience.

It gave me an extra release by being able to reflect.

Thanks as always for being you.



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