It sure is...

Just last week I caught myself before I went on a righteous rant.

My friend was talking about the magpies swooping season - and how frustrating it was for her to have to walk an extra 10 minutes to avoid them... she added " they should all be shot"

Ahhhhh.... I was mortified. My thoughts went to you - you entitled b*(&Tch.. hahah.. humans - ahhh.

But I smiled - reminding myself we are all human - and I made a polite comment about nature's balance and left it at that.

Some people just won't understand... and I am certain there are times I am the same...

I thanked her for helping me practice my calm response... I've known her since primary school so she knew she had pushed a button with her comment!

Ok - well babbling...but yep - where your words took me.

Thanks for writing.

Thanks for being you.