It sure is.

Love the comments too. Children, I have found, are the most honest critics. Comments of pure unfiltered gold.

Have you published them into physical books?

I have written a few drafts.

My first is about my daughter’s first anaphylactic experience in her perspective. I had to rewrite many parts before I got her approval.

The other about my alter ego ‘Monster Mum’. The kids I have read it to giggle mostly.. a couple did get scared though. Still unsure if I am pushing the sacred mother/child relationship limits too much.

Time will tell I guess.

Also a series I have started working on is about meeting allergens like Pete the Peanut and Peg the Egg. My girls find them funny.

All still a work in progress. Me clearing some limiting beliefs around my design/illustrations skills… and the good ole questions of are they worthy of going further or just meant for my little family.

Step by step.

Thanks again for being you.

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