It sure is. I am completely unbalanced with my focus at the moment.

All the shoulds and coulds and musts of my little world. I am in a tug-o-war of commitments and desires.

I wish I could do it all.

Be all I need for me and everyone and everything in my life.

Alas, I am only me.

Little me needing clarity.

Within I shall go.

Then I can know

How to show up

With overflowing cup

To share with all

Without having to fall

On empty buckets

Again.. fuck it.

Expectations galore

Inner turmoil

Silence a need

Soul to feed

No more to bleed

Sow the seed



Act of love

From above

Ground below

Truth will show

Freedom to be me

Is all I can be

No haste or delay

In the now of today

No deadlines to meet

No need to compete

The balance of life

Needs a housewife

I am sorry to let you down Diana C.

But I am unable to meet the new submission rules without pleading insanity.

I will enjoy consumption of future words within this glorious publication.

I wish you love and light.

Thanks as always for being you.

PS I have no idea why my follow had turned to unfollow… I had wondered where my email notifications got to when I saw the inactive status this morning.

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