Likewise. I had to giggle about the advice - the news being a misleading voice too often - "oh but they have a cure for that now"


I do believe there may be a way - but each of those with allergies will have their unique path to finding "their cure".

Bugger about the avocados .... and the ripples.

It is never ending... my daughter reacted to non-latex gloves after a visit to the dentist - a compound in them derived from lysosomes - egg based.

The medical profession and their drugs and products assumptions of ...there would be a minimal trace, nothing to worry about stance, is another mine field!

But alas - it is the journey we are on.

When you walk in similar shoes - you definitely get a new level of appreciation for what the everyday is for them.

Take care too! x

Energy Seeker | Life Learner | Parent in Training |

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