Love it!

My friend and I spent 3 months travelling around South America early 2008.

We did most of it in flow - no real plans, besides the need to be on a tour for the Inca Trail and booking at Cumaceba Lodge for guided access into the Amazon. We weren't permitted, as far as memory goes, to go solo.

When we flew into Iquitos, we stayed pretty much in the main square. It was humid! But I am no stranger to the humidity so was acclimatized somewhat.

I love the malaria prevention. Ours was wearing long sleeves and pants.

I have many photos...and the snake that made residence in the roof of our hut. Or me...slipping in the mud and probably scaring away a heap of animals with my ruckus.

The 2 months you spent on the river sound amazing… I am looking forward to reading more about them.

“They forever alter and disenchant us of our sense of norms” ….sure do.

Treasured and cherished memories.

Thanks again, and always for being you.



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