Love this.

Thanks for amplifying your voice on not only this topic, but all the “should advice” bombarding our consciousness.

Like you said, it can be dangerous. For anyone going through low self esteem, anxiety or depression it all just adds more fuel to their fires.

I find no harm in giving advice, as long as it comes with a disclaimer or direct evidence on how it relates to their own transformation…not how to keep them in a victim mode while everyone else around them changes.

I have recently read one on how a woman should dress to hide their belly bulge…written by a man. I had to giggle. I gave his perspective a grain of salt and replied with the comment I prefer to run with the advice to embrace and display my body exactly as I like…just like men do!

To me maturity doesn’t follow a linear path for us all… and not restricted to just men or women, but us all. I have met 5 year olds that are wiser and more mature than my 40 year old self.

Cheers again for sharing your voice on this, and gifting me space to reflect.

Thanks Suzanne V. Tanner for gifting my eyes this read.

Thanks to you both for being who you are.

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