Love this. It is a requirement for sure.

I am new to writing but no stranger to burnout.

I am still learning how to balance.

Some tools work sometimes, other times I am clueless I am being drained… until it slaps me in the face with pain.

My desire to create and be and do all has limits I haven’t worked out yet.

This is an emotional reaction verses a response I leaked out last week. I am certain the drive to try writing something everyday part of it. With hindsight I wish I didn’t post it…

I know I have grown a little though, my emotional rant was still in verse. Wtf?! Haha.

Wasn’t my intention just happened. I am lucky that Diana saw through my words and responded with the love and light she is.

I am challenging myself. I can feel it. Life has thrown me some curve balls this week to add to the mix. My energy and emotions all over the place.

I am purely being driven to write each day because I want to prove something to myself. Consequences are showing. I know I have more layers of who I am to unfold… soon. Forced or choice well? Time will tell me.

K yep well that was an unexpected tramble (typing ramble) I needed! Thank you for sparking it for me and giving me the space to let it flow.

Colouring and drawing with the girls… on the agenda for tonight. I have forgotten the craft of crocheting my grandmother taught me, but I love remembering her clicking needles.

Thanks as always for being you.

PS The challenge was never meant to be daily… it is as you can. No rules.