Love this. Thanks for guiding my eyes to your mantras and gifting me some new ones.

My inner child is totally running my life at the moment…which possibly is also slightly influenced by my kids…the bulk of my mantras at this point all come from kid’s movies

  1. Just keep swimming – Dory from Finding Nemo
  2. There is no secret ingredient- Po from Kung Fu Panda
  3. Show yourself – Elsa from Frozen
  4. Do the next right thing – Anna from Frozen
  5. You need to learn how to be you – Po yet again from Kung Fu Panda
  6. The voice isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me – Moana

The only non kid’s movie ones are

7. A delay is not a denial – Michael Beckwith

8. I am enough – Marissa Peer which is still scrawled on my bathroom mirror!

Thanks as always for being you.

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