Love this Tim.

Thank you for tagging my piece…especially since it led me to your words here… I love seeing your process.

I am working on a design for either a t-shirt or mug for the concept of “Spotto the Positive”

I am still getting the font to work for the message.

It is fun, when I sit down and actually do it. I am still working on getting it to a daily habit.

Thanks for giving me space to share…I hesitate to share…and have usually only sent these in private messages or hidden in an Instagram post…testing my confidence bit by bit….so yep this is a big step for me showing it someone in who is in the industry!

Sooo….here is some of my play from this year — the peanut and egg are character design attempts for the allergy books I am in the process of creating — Meet Pete the Peanut and Peg the Egg.

Thanks as always for being you.

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