Loved indulging in the breadcrumbs you left on some pieces I had not enjoyed until now. Thank you!

I am giggling — staying amused, or trying to in the dark bits life will inevitably throw us all — is key for me. I am smiling knowing it is what you could see in my words as well as Dr John Rose and Terry Mansfield’s. Feeling honoured to be included with them.

Blushing too… thank you kindly for shining your light my way. Truly appreciate it.

Ah to choose just a few,
Is really really challenging for me to do
Each time I read a piece
A smile, energy or expanded awareness is released
Each and every person I follow
Wrote words in which I would gladly wallow
A way to repay will be delivered by me in a different way
By reading, clapping, relating as much as I can every day
A thanks to you represents a gift to me too
A win-win transaction I can’t help dig into

So…I thank you all for being you

Thank you Eli — for being you.

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