Me too! I did a program called Life Book a little of a year ago.

It basically broke down life in 12 categories —

Health & Fitness
Parenting (even if you don’t have kids still relevant)
Quality of Life

Each category we dove deep into with our premise, vision, purpose and strategy.

After, it basically streamlined into a vision of a perfect day — as defined by us.

Then came the 12 sacred daily choices. The habit builders to get you to living your perfect day.

It truly was an empowering process for me.

I need to go back through it.

I let the last few months of the unexpected veer me off course from my habits and structures.

Anyways…thought I would leave the structure here for you…in case you found it helpful. More than happy to talk it through with you too if you have questions.

OK…lets do it I say. Back on track.

Enjoy your summer break Ming.

Thank you as always for being you.

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