Me too - kurt.

Girls absolutely love seeing pics of Tanki aPoo. Their faces light up whenever I show them.

Thank you.

The pasteured eggs are my fav too...only just started eating them again - I was too scared too with the girls around. BUT now they are a little older, Boj n I indulge in them...then there is teeth brushing and hand washing to be sure not to transfer traces.

Tildy is able to eat some forms of still hope.

Just when she gets a commercial egg - or whatever they put in a product called Milky Way here in oz... eyes bulge, sick feeling and rash... eyes stay puffed for up to 5 days...

Ok - there I go, trambling (typing ramble).

Thanks so much for your beautiful presence on the page...and as always, for being you x

Camping… photo my own — for Tanki aPoo

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