Mmm the mind wanders. To me I already feel so rich even without having a million dollars.

My container would grow for sure… but I just think it would amplify what I am already doing.

I would be able to up the amount I give, share more time travelling with friends and family, see more live music, eat more organically as our garden grows, fund my partners dream of getting back on the race track, support kids to realise their potential.

The list could go on.

Setting up multiple income streams to keep me being able to give would be paramount. The container ever expanding so the giving can keep growing.

I have always lived modestly and never felt like I have gone without. Travel a big one. On the cheap, the world is your oyster. Camping in a small tent for 3 months was an easy price to pay to taste Europe.

Travelling in a rusty 4wd with an ancient canvas pop top caravan for a year and a half while working around Oz another easy price to pay to witness the natural beauty and people in the country I was born.

So many ways, a problem turned into a project of how to make it possible.

Money not the only way.

On a tangent I go!

Thank your Rasheed Hooda for gifting me this thought and trail to others perspectives.

Thank you as always for being you.

Energy Seeker | Life-learner | Kid-ifying knowledge and wisdom for humans of all ages | | | Volunteer Editor @

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