mmmm pies!

Plums remind me of a story. I was working up the North of Western Australia at the local grocery store.

This little kid had swiped a $100 bill out of, what I can only assume, was the pocket of his parents pants..(sadly, many of the ingenious population at that time would load up on booze until they passed out, especially on pension day).

He didn't come in to buy sweets or chips...he instead bought his sister and him a plum each.

He handed over the note and was about to leave without his change. I made certain he got it back... too young to understand money beyond swapping it for goods.

Anyways... a tangent. But I wonder how this sweet little guy is doing. He would around 20 now by my rough calculations.

Thanks for sharing your encounter and reminding me of my own plum encounter.

Thank you for being you.

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