My blood would boil at these things in the past. It has turned down slightly to a simmer.

Sri Kumar Rao being a guiding light as a teacher for me to look to a different meaning. From my understanding of his teachings, people who do things like this are not even aware they are being “mean”. Their consciousness is at a level that can’t see the light.

Who knows what their childhood was like. Who knows if their awareness is being clouded with anxiety, depression or fear. Who knows if they even know they have a choice? They are operating at victim level and the ego is running wild on auto pilot. Pure survival mode with no energy left for a higher mind to get a leg in.

It is a challenge to keep this perspective though, especially in the moments you have shared in your article. As I highlighted my blood still simmers.

The lesson was to do what was in out control. Model the behaviour and change we want to see in the world.

One day I dream these meanies may get the crack in their shell they need to let the light in and shine on a better way to be.

Thanks for shining your light on the subject.

Thanks for being you.

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