My native tongue is Australian.

My mothers family immigrated here from Sicily. I feel some shame I can not speak Italian to reply to you.

The family lost the language to fit in with their new community.

My uncle (who is a lot older than my mother) the last one that speaks from the family line.

I am practising Spanish — no idea why not Italian, but it was carried over from travel. Italian will be next. I will make it so.

Ok well, it is not a response to what you have said…but a bit of background. Sometimes the energy we are expending is misdirected from the topic — just like we get when we passionately rant our righteous opinions on the page.

I am glad you do not re-edit. You leave your words as they stand.

I agree with what you have said. I understand your reason.

I guess I have lost some hope in the powers that be. Instead, I concentrate on what is in my control — my family, my home, my garden. I hope to be the change I want to see in the world so to speak. When I am in a position of overflow I hope to be able to broaden it globally. Step by step. I am not Greta Thunberg by any means, so I am grateful for what she does.

We compost, we grow our own vegetables, recycle, re-use, buy second hand. Buy quality to avoid as much as possible being a throw-away household. We cook from scratch most of the time — bread, pasta etc. At first from a need to help manage risks for our eldest daughter with her anaphylaxis…. but now because it just tastes better.

I remember bottling tomato sauce and making sausages with my Nanna. We grow and brine olives. We save our jars and re-use as much as possible.

We live as simply as we can. But saying that we can always do better. We love cars and do have a couple of V8’s that we still drive occasionally. Otherwise, we try and walk, use public transport or a small 4 cylinder car.

What am I trying to say? I’m not really sure. All that I know is that we are all trying our best. How we were brought up, what we have been exposed to. What our risks are all playing a part — as you well know.

Your voice is strong — it speaks your truth — you stand up for what you want to see for your daughter.

There is a doco by an Aussie director Damon Gameau called 2040. This is the link to the preview

I reckon it is one that you may find enlightening. He focuses on the solutions to look forward to a world that is better for her daughter. Instead of reactive policies, he is putting forth actions that can truly change the world….if the powers that be would just listen. There is a movement…and I do believe it will happen one way or another…I hope it is with foresight and not in response to more crisis.

Ok yep — thank you for being you. Thank you for replying. Thank you for writing your words.



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