Nice – finding out what you want and don’t want are damn worth it. Cheers for sharing your words.

For me I have children’s books coming out of my wazoo and I was really impressed with your character Octavius the octopus…Nice drawing skills by the way. I would read it! The world needs more octopus adventures to read.

I love Dr Sues and his messages – some subtle some not. Even when I read them to my kids I uncover new messages that were received at a different level when I was younger.

Saying that though I did love reading chapter books as soon as I could read– my parents and older siblings books mainly. Some nights I scared the bejesus out of myself with not only the story, but the time that flew past as I read.

I am working towards writing a memoir..I think?! It’s leaking out all over the place, across many notebooks and digital files. I will organise it one day. For now I am having fun playing and practicing.

After all that sharing about ME – I look forward to reading your book and more of your writing.

Thanks for being you.

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