No good, no bad…just what is. The judgement is not mine to make.

I love my partner dearly, he is smiley McGee at the workplace, but grumpy mcduff at home. I accept that is who he is. His energy expelled elsewhere for now. He choices to let the weight of consumerism, the state of the environment, people’s cruelty and unawareness get to him. I can appreciate how it can.

For a long time his energy would seep into mine. The only way I can spiral out is to think of the positive. So this is my spin. I can only model what change I want to see in the world by making sure my energy is vibrating at a more joyous level.

Anger and negativity still have the power for action.

Each to their own. Time and place. Space for both.

The duality of everything in life.

Thank you for sharing your voice.

Thank you for being you.

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