Nothing but applause and appreciation for this brilliant piece of writing.

I have been ranting about this shite for so very long...AND I am so very grateful you have amplified the insanity of it all.

The disrespect is disgusting...I cringe any time I witness the shite that some pull on those with seemingly "less than"... ahhhhhhh!

Just recently I was at a market getting some local produce. A lady said I'll just swap this garlic here for some of your ginger - I already paid you so yeah that's ok isn't it.

Ginger here is like triple the price of garlic and she took a large chunk that would have been way more expensive than what she paid for the garlic.

This person, who grows food, then carts it to market to sale - barely making ends meet just looked at her and said, um but they are priced differently.

The customer flicked her a dollar coin and walked away... ripping this person off a good $10 or more...

It may seem incidental, but when the shoes this customer was wearing were probably worth more than what the seller/grower would earn in a full week... you gotta Get a clue would you!

I regret not saying something at the time - I was in shock I think. I did leave my change with the seller/grower and say, I hope this covers some of the loss. She thanked me and said -you know what... it happens all the time.... the more money they have the more "dumb" they act when it comes to paying for things.

Soo...I think I tweeted a bit for this piece, Suze... and could have done so for each and every line.


Thank you for being you. x

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