Oh my! I feel like saying snap! Reading your words it was like you had entered my head and puppeteered (is that even a word) out of my mouth.

Here I am nodding a long with how to get my story out and if there would be a point blah blah.. oh then the bit on your husband…well that ticked a few thoughts I had been having! … giggled. Then I say a memoir in verse form.

Laughed my arse off. This is the same thought that has been in my head since I started a challenge this month… all I can write in is poetry. Wtf?

Even my comments have started to sound poetic, and talking to my kids…I’m singsonging shit. I was wondering if there was a cure.. when I had come to the conclusion my “memoir-ish” book would be chapters of poems with short explanations.

Help me! Hahah.

Eh, I know we will get there. One step at a time.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You have helped me with my own more than I can express.

Thanks as always for being you.

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