Ok...tears plummeting down my face.

I can sense the energy...the beautiful energy in the home your parents built.

How I wish they got their wish too... but without a doubt, their energy left in the walls... their hands on your home... forever...in the physical and in memories.

Your words here solidifying words I have spoken this past week.... a hand in creating a house makes it a home.

As I look around our house and see the random tiles we laid together, the limestone blocks we carried and built a retaining wall with, the walls I plastered with photos...yep I plastered them to the wall with glue hahaha, the make shift playground under our tree, the plants we planted together... I see pieces of "us" everywhere.

The bones of the house existed already. But for the last 20 odd years we made it home.

Off to build a new - collecting old frames and materials as we go. Hands in earth to build and grow... who knows how long it will take...but hands in creating will be....

The synchronicity beyond ... as always.

Thank you.

Thank you for being you.

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