Ok.. the universe is having a laugh.

I read this outstanding piece of yours after ranting this afternoon with my Father about this exact issue.. and then writing a comment about it just a moment ago.

If all our basic needs were met, which nature can and does provide to some extent it all for free, imagine the energy humans would have to innovate and create. To just be.

Imagine if status and judgment on what a “job” is valued at were not things.

Dad mentioned in the 70’s there were a few social experiments around this concept (I haven’t had a chance to dig yet) and the fear of people choosing to do nothing at all never happened.

Every single one of them still contributed. Even better than their livelihoods in “reality”.

I don’t know for sure, but my guess is the cha-ching had something to do with it not being extended.

Thanks again for bringing the clarity to the chaos so brilliantly.

Birthday cheers for your daughter’s upcoming 2nd birthday.

Thanks as always for being you.

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