Pure gold. As always.

Funny enough, the article I wrote today before reading any of this, touched a little on perceptions and their infinite possibilities to filter our understanding of the world.

In the sense of our own memories misguiding us.

Open mindedness – truly is key. Filtering the onslaught of information with an open mind.

When energy is distracted elsewhere, or just on pure survival, those filters are almost invisible to us.

No shortcuts – that is for sure.

I will think on it more, but in case it is of interest, there are ramblings on this sparked from creating a haiku. Dots of connection everywhere!

Thank you Joe for being you.

PS – the mafia connection has happened to me too. I actually believe I could fit into many cultures without a second glance.

The olive skin and dark eyes gift the opportunity to be of multicultural origins. Which in essence, I guess we all are.

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