Really interesting.

I have tried LSD a number of times. Freely vs as a treatment.

I believe it helped open doors in my mind that may have been more challenging to open without the enhancement of the drug.

My partner, is an alcoholic. High functioning if throwing in that label helps. He indulged with me one night and it was the first time I had ever witnessed a person being able to get drunk while taking LSD.

It seemed to me that his subconscious mind protected him so powerfully, it was not willing to let the door to be unlocked by any means.

Why am I saying this? Unsure.

Your words sparked the thought that no matter the treatment, there has to be a willingness on some level in the person to let go. Open the door and go within.

Without their permission, I believe any attempt at treatment could be futile.

Thanks for writing.

Thanks for being you.

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