Research is fluid — remember once it was accepted that the world was flat. I am sure, it was backed with accepted “research” of the time.

I take it all with a grain of salt.

So I love how you used the term “proposition” in your title.

It really is an offer to accept or reject the findings of the research.

It is still heavily biased on opinions. No matter if the “mistakes” have been considered or not.

An echo chamber or think space can each be achieved on the presentation of results— depending on how your “ears” are open at the time, as well as the researchers’.

The information presented, can intentionally or unintentionally be marketed in such a way our filters are solidified and keep us blind. Finding the truth — the truth that is fluid and subjective for each of us is fluid.

Who is the company conducting the research? Who are their team of researchers? What was their purpose for the research? Their definitions and boundaries — these all limit the research into a walled box.

Time (when and how long) and money, I understand need to be considered but also make the results contained.

What were the outlier cases? Have they been highlighted or brushed over in the presentation of the results? The cases that don’t fit the “average” or the “norm” provide worthy information for consideration. I find that many times these are not presented.

So I will never blindly accept another’s research as being true for me. How it fits into my life is my choice. My responsibility.

Depending on what I am relying on the research for, will depend on if I investigate further based on what others have found, or leave it to have the information flow to me.

Walking along with my own life.. experiencing it first hand, knowing what I need to know will unfold as required.

Even those times I am left looking foolish.

Especially those times.

Cheers for amplifying the formal process.

Thanks for guiding my eyes to your words and gifting me a moment to reflect.

Most importantly, thanks for being you.