Sometimes our energy and attention are just elsewhere... I put my hand up - I do and say stupid things way too often...

I am happy to be pulled up on it and focus my awareness...listen and find the solution - which is usually obvious, but wrapped so tightly in systems bullshit commonsense becomes deaf and blind.

I watched The Twelve last night based on a recommendation from Desiree Driesenaar.

Two elders were giggling at the stupidy of those who believe they "own land" and who have become so dependant on money, which one can't eat, that the can no longer survive without it.

I shook my head... I can understand the absurdity... the meaning lost on some quest for whoever has most wins.

Ok..yep I went tangential then... mmmm.

See what happens when I write without thinking.

Thank you.

Thank you for being you.

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