Thank you for sharing — you gave me a smile and feeling of not being alone with the madness of a meal in today’s world!

I was thrown into eating complications when we discovered my eldest daughter has anaphylaxis 4 years ago (she is 5 now).

At this point in our lives we have chosen to return to the simplicity of basic meals….and even attempting to grow some of our food.

To add to your point of confusion around food and the medical profession, when I was pregnant with my second child, I had gestational diabetes.

The nutritionist in charge of educating a group of mums in the same boat kept banging on about making sure we ate low-fat stuff.

I was amazed. Low-fat products from my understanding usually means high sugar… what the?! I am no expert, but I couldn’t keep quiet and voiced my confusion at such a recommendation, which was quickly quietened down by the letters after the name of our teacher.

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