Thank you for sharing your experience and tips. They are very helpful.

We live in Australia and it was our plan to continue our travel adventures around the closer Asian destinations, (mainly to be more cost effective) once we had kids. Those plans have changed!

Our 5 year old daughter is anaphylactic to peanuts and tree nuts and has a severe egg allergy.

Since becoming parents and learning of her allergies/anaphylaxis we have only travelled domestically.

We haven’t worked up the courage to extend our travel past our own country since her diagnosis when she was 1. The language barrier at the destination, high frequency of both eggs and nuts in local cuisine and medical facilities have been limiting our confidence.

I know a couple of resources that list out helpful tips to minimise risks but I prefer hearing from actual people who have had first hand experience! Would truly appreciate any insights you may have. Sincere thanks in advance either way!

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