Thank you for sharing your Granny’s story.

Perspective really is everything.

It would have been tough for all of your family. I am glad your Granny was able to tame her voice with her strong willed independent nature for the majority of times.

Your words have given me a moment to reflect, and I was compelled to share.

During some guided meditations I am told to listen to the voice beyond the voice. I “hear” vs “see” visions, ie I think in words while others think in pictures.

The voice never tells me what to do. It brings me information. For example under hypnosis a memory from my childhood where I attached a child’s perspective. My subconscious holding on to that perspective and my ego protecting me from pain limiting my conscience thinking.

As an adult looking back on the scene I can apply an adult perspective to “reset” my subconscious and the ego. Releasing the limiting beliefs about the world.

I digress slightly, but during these processes I have wondered if there was a link between it and people who experience what your Granny did.. with the computer in her ear.

My Nan had severe dementia towards the end of her life. Before it was too bad, she would do strange things like steal groceries from the store and sell them to people going into the store. She would say the man told her too.

Looking back I wonder if she was hearing a voice as well. My parents, especially my mother, is very closed on these ideas, so if Nan had said something to her, mum would have brushed it off. I was too young to comprehend the full situation.

I am not sure what it means or if there is any relationship at all. Was just where my mind went after reading your words.

I do wonder if there is a physical reason for it and perhaps with tools like hypnosis, a person could retrain their brain vs being sedated with medications.

Just a thought.

Thanks again for sharing.

Thanks as always for being you.

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