Thank you for sharing your story and amplifying the ripples of anaphylaxis on your day to day over the years.

My eldest daughter (7) is anaphylactic to eggs, peanuts and most tree nuts. She ate all of these before she turned one but didn’t have an anaphylactic reaction until she was almost 2.

I have saved your words to read to her. Even though things are changing and have changed immensly there are still many that don’t understand.

The “oh they can fix that these days” seems to be common too. But desensitisation is not safe for everyone…and can actually make it worse in some cases…as you are undoubtedly aware.

I would love to add NAET healing path to her specialist visits, but not until my daughter is ready…I do make sure to ask her though.

Ok…well, thanks again for sharing.

Thanks for bring you.

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