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3 min readOct 20, 2020


Thanks Flavio Aliberti for directing me to your article here.

It is very well researched and delivered.

The information did help lower my terror, but only slightly.

I was being sold on the preventative angle of Wellcare, but based on the word medicine, it sounds like prevention will still be tied to a “pill”.

What about our food production?

What about our water supplies?

What about our quality of air?

What about the systems of human resources that leave people endlessly tied to a chair in the race for bigger better more?

Surely somewhere in this creation of “Wellcare” we need to check the quality of fuel going into our bodies. Not just how to deliver a magic pill earlier in the piece.

I agree medication can be necessary but when a person is having to take 10–15 pills (as per your article that directed me here) enough to warrant funding to mass produce a product to address this scenario, surely there are bigger questions needed then how do we package it on one pill.

Pills that mask or cure a symptom but don’t fix the underlying cause.

I remember watching my grandparents carefully fill their bill boxes on a Sunday night. So yes, it would have helped them.

The fact my grandfather was accidentally prescribed a conflicting pill that led to him having a massive stroke may have been avoided.. but what checks will be in the algorithms to avoid these mistakes, or worse, cover them up?

What about the risk of error when a single pill is being used. Will the dosage be monitored? What happens when some drugs are not taken on certain days? Will big pharma design the single pill to go the easiest most cost effective way for them or the BEST way for the patient?

I wanna make a bet it will be based on their bottom line and not the wellness of the patient.

I have seen too many lose their lives or become so overwhelmed from incorrectly prescribed medication ( ie being fed a pill solely because of their age and not “what is” but “what is assumed could be”) or adverse reactions they end up in and out of hospitals trying to balance out side effects from all the pills they are on.

By continuing to tie insurance and pharma into the treatment of symptoms or potential systems based on standardised data, collected by algorithms designed by those that profit from that said data is what adds to the fear.

I know it will be an overwhelming challenge to untangle the strangle hold of the profit over people system, but surely there is a way.

I remember being told of a time when doctors were paid to keep their patients healthy. As soon as they were in need of treatment of any kind the payments stopped until the patient was healed.

I don’t have the answers.

I thank you for sharing the information and prompting me and giving me space to share the reasons behind my concerns.

I know they are biased by my beliefs, but I am yet to feel like I have the facts to trust in the system model.

Thanks again and always for being you.



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