Thanks for reading and your supportive words.

The children's books are just awaiting some illustrations and me to get off my bum really and learn about self-publishing while still submitting to traditional publishers… their timelines are very extensive and varied!

One of the books is called Monster Mum — it is based on my alter ego. The parenting gem I am trying to sell in it is by using a “character” (it isn’t always a monster in my case, I do use funny voices too) instead of yelling in an intense situation.

My daughters find it hilarious when I use my funny voices. It reduces the charge in a tense situation and at the same time, I stop myself from unconsciously yelling.

We live in a stressful world that is tinged with a layer of feeling we are “not good enough”. As parents, we put a lot of pressure on our kids to behave a certain way to “fit in” with society’s expectations. When they don’t fit this mould we can feel like we have failed. Mix that feeling with a hard day at work, a forever growing list of to-dos and it’s a recipe for Monster Mum to show up when kids are being kids.

The others are around my daughter's allergies — so may not be for all kids. It is a series on meeting allergens…like Pete the Peanut and Peg the Egg! Time will tell if there are some more stories to tell.

Thanks again for reading… I’ll definitely keep at the kid's books and hopefully have one to send you before your son is too old to want to read it!

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