Thanks for sharing your tips Chrissie.

I had the following thoughts sparked while reading your article and thought would share them here. Cheers for opening a space for me to do that.

I have always struggled seeing a doctor. I feel like my symptoms are at polar opposites of the scale.. either brushed off or taken too extreme. I know a big part of it is to do with my communication but also part of it I feel is the rushed nature during appointments these days.

One example I wanted to share here was my partners latest encounter. He is currently on a monitoring plan after having a brush with cancer. During one of his appointments he mentioned to the doctor he thinks he has been drinking too much (in actual fact he has an addiction to it!) For him to say this was a big step for him and to me a call for help. The doctor told him he is ok and the alcohol wasn’t the cause of his cancer.

Now it’s easy to see the doc was probably only focused on the nature of the follow up, and my partner needs to take self responsibility in his treatment and addiction but I feel in better circumstances the call for help would have been seen for what it was.

I would sincerely love to see more doctors open to what the patient is “Really saying” as well as being open to the holistic approach.

Over the years I have started seeing alternative healing paths.

My Naturopath is very quick to point out anytime something is out of her depth and refer me to see my doctor. On the other hand the doctors I have seen to date are quick to say Naturopathic care is a waste of time and money.

The end! I know the wishful changes I seek are coming.. just hard to be patient for them sometimes … patient and patient ;)

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