Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

It helps me understand more. For that I am very grateful to you.

Now I give thanks again to you for giving me space to share.

For me our 20 year relationship is still blurry. I believe we both possess some traits of addict, narcissist, dependency and co dependancy. No physical abuse, just emotional. There is a lot of fun and love mixed in too. Misguided perhaps, but the love is there.

We have had 2 daughters join our madness over the last 5 years. We love them both the best we can.

After many years of being blind, I now know the answers are in me. I am doing the work. I know I am growing and showing up as a better parent.

No longer am I blinded by fear or anxiety or other people’s expectations.

Our journey together has not ended. Deep down I feel we will stay connected. We support each other’s growth the best we can. Some may say I am delusional.

We are not the society’s description of a perfect family, but we are a family growing together. Learning to support each other and accept without judgement when we act as the flawed humans we are.

Thanks for being you. Thanks for letting me leak a part of my story out. Felt like a safer space as a response vs an article for now.

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