Thanks for sharing your words and knowledge.

I am not from America but believe a similar story runs through Australia’s education system.

There are programs to counter these inequalities in progress here but from my awareness they are not mainstream yet.

Another path of inequality I recently came across is in the mindsets pushed subconsciously via words used in textbooks in private vs public schools (fee paying. Vs free/heavily subsidised- funding allocation debate is another rabbit hole thing!).


Sue owns 10 businesses and sells 3 businesses to Bill for a profit. How many businesses does Sue own today?


Johnny has 10 apples and gives 3 apples to Tim. How many apples does Johnny have left?

It’s only subtle but the wording subconsciously prompts an abundance mindset in one sense and a scarcity mindset in the other.

Grading and certifications systems are a whole other rabbit hole too. How can a single test on a given day truly represent a students knowledge. Some tests which represent a large portion of a final grade.

Words in tests can be subjective as can the answers.

Teachers can play favourites or have biases/lenses/filters on topics, personalities, genders, races etc and why is their subjective opinion/judgement the only one represented on a report – that is now digitally stored for maybe eternity.

I recently read some books written by John Holt. They were published at a time before the internet offered a new avenue for self directed education but they still gave me valuable insights into how our structured formal education systems may not always be the best avenue in the long run.

I could babble on and on here.

What this tells me is that there are still many opportunities to make education more beneficial, accessible and equitable for all.

Thanks again for sharing, you have given me space to help me connect some more of my thoughts. I truly appreciate it.

Oh n PS The Buccaneer Scholar by James Bach is a worthy read on self directed education in case anyone who reads this is interested on finding out more.

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