Thanks for sharing your words and thoughts on this topic.

I am neither pro or anti vaccination.

I am however for a safer vaccination.

A transparent supporting study that isn’t clouded by fear or money.

My daughter is anaphylactic to nuts and eggs. Some vaccines are produced using egg or nut proteins. Her reactions worsened after her first lot of vaccinations. Even though we were reassured that she “should be ok” and these changes weren’t related. Maybe they weren’t. Maybe they were. Nobody can really say with 100% certainty.

Triggers to the immune system with substances, even as minimal to no traces as they suggest, I believe are contributed to her body’s immune system confusion.

Now I am first to disclose I am just a mother who has lightly connected some dots based on her child’s experience.

To me though that is enough to highlight all our bodies are different.

How can a one size fits all solution ever fit everyone unless we have all been included or represented in the “scientific research”?

No one diet is good for everyone.

No one prescription can cure the same ailment for everyone.

No one preventative measure can ensure protection for everyone.

If we could minimise the “charge” we have on whether we are pro or anti vac and use it to find a better understanding and more “whole” approach to the topic I believe a more neutral, safe and effective solution could be found.

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