Thanks for shining a light on the different types and perspectives at play.

I do wonder how long the range of these studies were in regards to the side effects.

I avoided the pill completely after having them mess around with my cycle, moods and breasts. Lumps mainly. After experimenting with them for a bit I gave up.

Later in life, close friends have been told their infertility may have stemmed from long term use of the pill. But yes..just heresay and personal stories here… not scientifically studied.

Right or wrong, I have used condoms and later with my long term partner withdrawal method in conjunction with monitoring my own cycle… I know I handed over a lot of trust to him and my own connection to my body, but it worked… over 14 years, we only had one accident that we were grateful to have… our eldest daughter in our mid 30’s. So far, our theory still holds!

Mmmm yep not the poster child for contraception but it worked for us based on our own risk assessment and desires.

Your words prompting a reflection for me and an opportunity to overshare once again!

Thank you.

Thank you for being you.

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