Thanks for the very thought provoking questions.

Can there be another world better than the current one.... if our world is of our own making, then are we not powerful enough to create a new world than is better than our current world?

If freedom only exists via the state of my mind -the only thing in my control, then reality can be whatever I choose to make of it.

Yes there will be consequences to choices, but the only real limitations are created from of our mind.

Even within walls of a cell, I can choose to be free within my thoughts. Easy - no. But possible all the same. If I choose.

I would prefer not to be within the walls of the cell though, so I choose to show up in my reality to support this desire.

The bird wants to belong - it is not unreasonable for doing it. Again no right or wrong, a choice the bird made with "who" the bird was in that moment of time. It went after its longing and was willing to pay the ultimate price to get it.

Or is it the ultimate price? I am the bird, but at the same time I am not the bird.

Side track here - I just finished the book Beloved by Toni Morrison last night. Beloved was in physical form - until the light that was needed was shone by the community...acknowledging it's presence, and the reason for it. The lesson learned. Beloved never forgotten but no longer "required".

I am possibly not making any sense at all here beyond my own understanding.

It is where your questions took me while writing this response.

I am certain I will be thinking on these more.

Thank you for writing.

Thank you for being you.

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