Thanks for your comprehensive words on this topic. It has reached my eyes at a timely moment after spending the past year or so deep diving into spiritual learning.

Your piece has given me a space to reflect and question my learnings and experiences.

I have felt presence and energy from something not in a physical form. Now I don’t know how it all fits together with reincarnation but I am willing to spend some energy on learning more.

I am comfortable having a fluid set of beliefs on the topic now and currently my beliefs are as follows:

I truly believe we are eternal beings.

If this is how reincarnation works then I believe in reincarnation.

I have heard many stories that fit into the idea that our spirit hangs around shortly after leaving our human body before returning to the original source/universe/higher energy whatever you define it as to ignore them as being make believe.

This makes me believe there is a realm different to the physical realm. Which makes me believe that there is a power or energy bigger than ourselves.

I have heard a similar story too many times that we are in fact infinite human incarnations of this higher energy source having infinite physical experiences on earth.

When we leave the physical form we return to the original source. From the original source we can be reborn to unfold more of ourselves in the physical form.

Its a lot to wrap my head around but since it seems to be a repeated message of late it is enough for me to be interested in the validity of it.

Now I have no idea where my beliefs will go tomorrow but for now I am staying open to the possibility that we are infinite beings.

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