Thanks, Lauren York for your very insightful words.

Slightly related connection. I was unaware for a long time in many aspects of my life — not so much digitally though, I have shied away from social media in the past.

I became co-dependent on my partners drinking slowly over a 20 year period. It came to its pinnacle once we became parents and I had what society calls a midlife crisis/burnout/adult sized tantrum.

This had to happen for me to awaken though. I truly hope that more people, including that digital narcissist, awaken via insight vs pain.

MarkM I believe I am likely to be one of those mushy — introspective types. I’m new to the writing game, but your response made me giggle at myself…my articles so far have a sense of this theme!

Will see what happens, but to me, they are helping me bring awareness to my life and heal….all about me me me!! If someone finds relief/support in my words then that is the added bonus.



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