Thanks, Pablo.

An ongoing issue since we were 16…amplified by parenting…

I went to al-anon for meetings for a bit… got overwhelming so energy cleansing and meditation are my go-to-s for the moment… helps for sure.

He thinks he can beat it alone… is ok for a few days at most then… more than makes up for it. The not enough-ness and childhood crap buried deep for him.

Matilda (5 this month) gave him what for the other night… not prompted… she let rip.

First time I heard him voice he has a problem. A glimmer of hope to help hang in there. Lucky he has never been violent… all verbal self projection.

One day at a time is still my mantra…. Will add Hang In there to it! xx

Thanks so much for the hug from afar too. I appreciate it so much…

Thanks for being you.

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