That thought keeps me writing. Who knows when the words we write, might just spark that level of awareness someone needs to don’t even know they don’t know.

If that makes sense?

I was one for so very long.

Growth via insight is less painful!

Thank you for reading and relating.

Thank you as always for being you.

Re the highlighting stuff.. I have a laugh over all the little quirks I get depending on what device I am using. So many.

These things, would fill my day as a software tester in another lifetime. Frustrating when there was no obvious reason…oh right yeah the programmer would report back… it was that one little space between a dash and a dot causing the havoc. ahhhh!

One last thing – the subheading – it wasn’t my own creation. It is a direct quote for the heading as per Henery X (long)’s prompt.

Energy Seeker | Life Learner | Parent in Training |

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