The Chug-a-Chug Chug of the Brain Re-Train

Switching from “Must Do” to “Free to Do”

Amy Marley
3 min readJul 13, 2022

Written by Amy Marley and Suzanne V. Tanner

Beauty in the “retired” — Photo my Own

Systems push and prod
Validation with society’s nod

Catch the train
Sell your brain
Clock into the mainframe

Tracking to-do’s and to-don’ts
Navigating the wills and the won’ts

Train stops

Clock — drops

Time is freed
To just be

But… the why
Seems to fly right by

Jaded by the grooves
Of other’s narrative hooves

Boundaries of perspective
Call for collective corrective

Age and stage
Irrelevantly caged
Within an earned wage
Hands over heart
A mirrored part
Always played

Beyond the pages of the story sold
Who YOU are —is infinitely gold

The spark for these words to flow — FROM LEMON’s latest dilemma from Marie A Bailey.

Follow the lemony fragrance to Marie’s words and if tempted to, please leave some words of wisdom for us all to learn from;

Thanks, Marie for this month’s letter — it sure hit home for me.

After departing from the career train mid-2019, I have been seeking peace with unhitching from the to-do’s, wearing the label “just a mum” and no longer being the primary breadwinner.

Your words — part of that process. Literally — the nudge I needed to reflect from another perspective — discover something else I…