The more I look the more I know this is true.

OK... you won't believe this, well yeah, you probably will! --- yesterday Boj told me to listen to THIS EXACT SONG. He isn’t a fan of poetry, but he loves lyrics…I tell him to me they are one in the same!

Now I read it here and you mention it came to you today - and you don't know why.

Text message from Boj — first time I have seen him use so many emojis…and actually confess love in a text!

We have been considering a shift to the country - it has been calling us for a few years, unable to find “the” location…and we have been putting it off because of family/kids.

Thinking the time is almost here... he has been working down south filling in for someone who is on holidays.... full self-sustainability in the next 5 or so years the hope...

"People doing what people do... "

eh anyway...back to the song - giggling because of the synchronicity... never ceases to amuse me.

The comments on YouTube are amazing.

Thanks as always for being you.



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