The unconditional part is a lesson I have had shoved back in my face this last week.

Adding to the holes of energy leaking out unconsciously.

I finally clicked as to the issue… my expectations. My fears.

My condition and desire to grow old with my partner being put at risk by my perceptions he is not taking the actions I expect him to.

I know this lesson… I had it when he had testicular cancer, each bout of gout and now onset fatty liver disease.

His actions are his choice. I love him. I cannot change him as much as I would love to be able to.

I struggle with the thought of me enabling by having no judgment and staying.

No right or wrong. Just is.

Seems I may still have some strings of attachment to cut.

Ok this was not the response I expected to come out.

Mmmm thanks for giving me space to tramble (typing ramble) and reflect.

Thanks for broadening my understanding.

Thanks for being you.

Energy Seeker | Life Learner | Parent in Training |

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