They sure do. A life is a life is a life.

I have moments like you shared with the bakery owner before. Some times I have spoken out and other times I have bit my tongue.

Even when I do speak out, the person is so set in their ways they don’t even “hear” the words I say. Their charge on the subject rendering them deaf and blind to any new insights.

The best I can do, is to model the change I want to see in the world.

There have been many times others have mistaken my ethnicity.

To me I am a human, but for the purposes of illustrating this story, know that I have an olive complexion – sun and Italian blood make my skin colour change from light to dark brown. Dark hair, dark eyes.

I call myself a chameleon of multi-cultures.

While travelling in the top end of Australia, I went to use the shower block at a caravan park. A group of ladies saw me walking towards it and commented “ I can’t believe they let “them” use the same amenities as us now”. I was shocked. I said excuse me, to which the reply was “There used to be a separate block for the aboriginals”.

To me it was an honour to be mistaken to be a member of one of the oldest cultures in the word, but I knew they were being racist.

I just sighed, looked them in the eye and walked on. After I thought I wish I said something…witty too!

I don’t think they would have changed there ways or even “heard” me though. Their energy completely spent on judgement.

Thanks for amplifying the need to speak up with your voice. Know that even when we speak up, others may not hear. I don’t mean we shouldn’t, just remember the only thing truly in our control is how we show up. The actions we model.

Silence and action, both have dualities to them too.

Thank you as always for being you.