This hit home.

Not completely at the level you wrote here, but the children’s book I have written is called Monster Mum..why?

Because there is a monster that lives inside Mum.

It comes out when she steps on lego and ROARS! The kids giggle.

It comes out when Mum is trying to talk to Dad…and ROARS! The kids kind of giggle.

At the end of the day, the monster and the mum love the kids as much as they can. The mum working on “presence” to silence the monster once and for all.

I used to yell a lot… by using an alter ego with a funny voice, I break the tension and make the tense moment more fun. I think it might help others. A few people agree.

I have been told my book is pushing the mother-child relationship. A publisher is yet to say yes. I am twirling with the idea to self publish it.

Ok — I went on a tangent here…BUT it was the dot of connection I got reading your words.

Thank you for writing.

Thank you for being you.

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